A Rain Jacket Suitable for Bikepacking in Rough Weather

I am looking for a nice rain jacket for bikepacking, I want to cycle in Scotland this year, so the weather probably will be very rough. I plan to spend around 200€ maybe a bit more if it is worth it... So which rainjacket can you recommend, which one are you riding? Thankful for any help <3

I would use a poncho for only £60 to keep your legs dry too and a very compact and light "google people poncho'
I rode to Scotland last year. I found, using an old-style rain cape very effective. Kept me much drier than my £80 rain jacket, I was more ventilated too so, didn't overheat.
Gore Packlite is about that price - a bit cheaper. Really pleased. 100% waterproof, breathable and packs light!
I agree. Gore makes quality cycling clothing. For safety, I value its visibility as much as its rain protection. I’ve biked the Westfjords of Iceland several times with this jacket and could not have been happier.
I use a Kernoda one I bought on eBay for about 20 €. Breathable weighs nothing and fits in your pocket.
The Goretex shake dry is absolutely fantastic. They aren't cheap, but it's the only one I've tried that seems to keep the rain out. Rapha does one too, made out of Goretex shake dry material. Also, they fit well so don't act like a sail if it's windy (as it always is here in the UK), so won't slow you down unnecessarily
I read that they aren’t compatible with rucksacks etc. What is your experience?
I cycle tour with a couple of Panniers and a tent. Not a fan of rucksacks as I find they hurt my shoulders and are a bit hot.
me neither… but when I get off the bike and go for a walk in the city, I like to use a backpack
I like the Haglöfs L.I.M jacket. Really lightweight, pretty breathable but also 100% rainproof!
you’re lucky! I bought one and the rain just came through. I sent it back and got a new one in exchange and again not waterproof even in light rain. I was wondering why the buyers were so positive. So yours is waterproof even if you wear it all day on a rainy day? Just asking 🙂
yes, I can say the jacket has been tested in really wet conditions and so far really happy with it.
So I have a heavy rain jacket (Arc terxy) and a riding rain jacket. I can tell you I have used the riding jacket infinitely more for rainy, drizzly, windy and sunny but cold conditions infinitely more than my rain jacket. I use it almost daily and is one of my fav pieces of gear which I never would guess as I am not one for bike wear. I'd consider this for your everyday go-to. https://lawi-sport.com/gb/cycling-jackets/1350-1772-resis-wind-waterdicht-fietsjack-lang.html#/3-size-l/11-colour-black
Showers Pass from rainy Oregon makes the best cycling rain jacket in the States.
Depends on which country you are buying from. An old-fashioned cycling cape works best in heavy rain, although it can be dangerous in high winds. I also have a Goretex hiking jacket which is ok for showers.
Check Vaude, Alpkit
Gore bike wear has a bicycle Goretex jacket, very light and efficient, but may be more than 200€. Buy it large, because in Scotland, even in summer, you will need to put some layers of warm clothes below! And don't forget to take a specific head net for the midges (they are so small that they go through a standard mosquito net)
After previously buying 'waterproof' jackets that worked as well as a sieve I invested in a Gortex one made by 'Mountain Equipment, it lasted well over 2 one-year trips, and the hood had a wire frame so stayed in shape, and wrist velcro straps, waist pull chord, hood pull chord, paid about £260, money well spent. Here I am wearing it in Kyrgyzstan, en route to China.
- wow, I wish I'd known about those before I climbed Mt. Fuji - where, above about 10,500 feet altitude it RAINS constantly, often horizontally!
Sure, they're a great coat Glenn, with 2 good-sized pockets + a chest pocket. For sentimental reasons I still have it (bought in 2008) but was replaced in 2016 with another (same coat), for the Americas tour, it faded slightly due to increased UV at altitude (Bolivia) but I basically lived in the coat & after the tour (2 years) was worn out but had served me well. I would slightly sweat in it but waterproof + breathable is just sales twaddle, if it's 'breathable' (air passes through the fabric) then water will most certainly enter. Here I am again in it 🤣 in a Chinese bike store in Lanzhou, I rode the first half of China with the two Manchester lads;
I use a Mountain Equipment kit...use Garwhal Gortex waterproof... use it on my bike.. hiking.. go to the pub! Get over to some of the islands in Western Scotland... stunning...wild campers' dream👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿
- not an answer to your question, but just to be sure you’re aware of the seasonal midge issue in Scotland. You very probably are, but just in case. Not to be ignored….
midge season is usually end of May-August
I know - just hoping Lucas does, too.
Heavy rain, a simple fisherman jacket, rubbery and orange! The highlands of Scotland in summer is hell... MIDGES!
I’ve done the research and my next jacket is Showers Pass Refuge Jacket.
As a Scot, I recommend a Gore-tex Shake dry or Gore-tex Active jacket. I have several, a close-fitting jacket for a road bike, looser and longer for mtb/gravel/touring, a hard-wearing jacket for skiing and for general wear. It can be windy (and seems to become windier each year), so suggesting a poncho isn't a good idea. Enjoy Scotland, no matter what weather you encounter. 👍😁
Showers Pass!
Gore Shakedry, trail running one. Supposedly a bit tougher and with a hood.
REI makes a great rain jacket.
My REI jacket handled Scotland admirably. Also my rain kilt
I realize you're asking about raincoats but don't underestimate a good pair of rainpants.
Hi Lukas, I have Columbia and Arcteryx rain gear. I have been guided in Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Park for 6 years and then the Arcteryx is my go-to jacket for summer and winter. I can layer with fleece, or down for maximum warmth or wear the jacket by itself for rain or wind protection. Gortex (breathable) comes in different weights. Lightweight to pro for winter sports. Washes and paks well. https://arcteryx.com/us/en/shop/womens/beta-ar-jacket
I recently returned a “SHOWERS PASS REFUGE” jacket… it soaked up water& leaked ( to the company credit I got a full refund) Replaced it with a RAB KANGRI GTX…. Only one use so far but seems very good…. The arm-pit zips are excellent for cooling
The Goretex or whatever material jacket needs to be loose-fitting with thermals and light-medium mid-layer. The idea is to have plenty of space between the rain shell and your under & mid-layer garments. This lessens sweating and lessens direct moisture transfer from the outer shell. The stiffer the outer shell layer the more air space in your undergarments. Think like an umbrella except for more wind-accepting! We have cycled around Ireland, and around Scotland including Shetlands, Orkney, and the Outer Hebrides, through Wales, the England coast, and French, Spanish and Portuguese coasts all in various winters.
I have tried them all and found the best rain jacket is Showers Pass. I have the Elite 2.1 which I use on bike tours. But I recently bought their Cloudburst jacket, which weighs 9.5 oz and I used it this summer in several long events here in Colorado where I got caught in the pouring rain...worked great, completely dry inside. I"m planning to take the Cloudbust with me this summer on my Europe tour. https://www.showerspass.com/products/mens-cloudburst-jacket
been running a Showers Pass Elite for a year now. straight through last season's bikepacking and through the entire (almost over please...) winter season here in Minnesota. it is exceptionally dry and well-made. I have been commuting my entire life (61 in June) 365 days a year in Mn and wore MANY rain jackets/shells. I will stick with a shower pass, no question about it. SUPERIOR quality to anything cheaper and just about anything more expensive. they are sports or active fit, so make sure to get one that allows room for layers. ain't no room for "aero-boy" worries!
200 Euros on a raincoat? You will be welcome in Scotland. Enjoy paradise.
Columbia Titanium series
Outdoor Research Helium.
I recently bought a poncho (People's Poncho out of the UK) that can be used on a bicycle (has thumb loops and an internal elastic belt). It also looks normal, if not stylish, when not on the bike. It is very waterproof and breathability isn't an issue since ponchos allow good air circulation while riding. I combine it with a pair of waterproof pants. I don't remember the exact price, but it would be way under your budget.
Endura MT 500 perfect waterproofness and breathability 👌👌👌