Quad Lock Phone Mount: Is It Good for Cycle Touring?

Does anyone use quad lock phone case and mounts? Are they worth the money? I need something to hold my phone when bike touring. 

They are worth every penny. I use them for touring as well as for work (London Cycle Courier). Wouldnt trust any other mount, never fell off. Saying that the waterproof shell you can buy isn't waterproof, it's shower proof but not great in prolonged rain.
I got a waterproof phone for about 100gbp. I can read the screen as well - unlike my Garmin!
That's what I need.... a waterproof phone, that's the dream.
Excellent, I love them and have them on all of my bikes.
Moved to a far superior Ram Mount after getting my phone got damaged and fell off with that piece of overrated gear.
I have one and it's ace. Have mounts on the push bike and motorbike.
Great mounts. Good customer service. I had a problem with the finger ring becoming loose and they sent me a new ring and case.
Very good mount, I do not regret my purchase. SP Connect is also great and a little bit inexpensive.
I use a silicon one and it does its job surprisingly good.
The quad lock is awesome 👍👍
Using the SKS compit stem mount with a power bank. Great mount, power bank big enough for an extended tour. https://www.sks-germany.com/en/products/compit-stem/
Totally. Very robust and stable.
Top of the class…
I switched to a bike computer but used the quad lock for years and it was solid.
So far it’s worked great for me, including off-road.
On the road for 4 months and had no problem.
Yes and yes. There's literally nothing better.
Absolutely yes.
They're amazing yes. But it is so hard to get the phone in and out of the case that this will become your everyday phone case.
true. And it is thicker and mostly prevents wireless charging 😞
Worth it.
Worth it. Go get it
Yes. Excellent!
Yes and yes.
Although a bugger to lock the phone when moving.
I use them. Quad lock case and now 3 different mounts for 3 different bikes. I’ll be getting one for the kayak soon.
completely I'm using quad lock for almost 5-6 years and I never had any problem.
Thanks, I guess I'm buying one then lol.
I am using it on a gravel bike and it is best-spent money. Secure and practical.
Yep, solid piece of kit. Highly recommended.
Absolutely yes, I had an accident with my bike and my phone was perfect my knee not so much though 😅
Yep, absolutely worth the money. I have had mine on iPhone SE for just less than 2 years and it is great. Very solid fitting and also with the rain cover you can still use the touchscreen. Cost a bit but is worth every penny
Or SP Connect.
I was excited to get mine, and when connected it’s solid, but was it easy to get it to lock on after taking it off? No. Total PITA 95% off the time
Love mine, Have on my motorbike and on my road bike.
My phone popped out on day 2 of a 20-day bicycle tour. I didn’t realize it wasn’t clicked in correctly. Fortunately, the oncoming truck tires straddled the phone! You need to make sure it is properly secured. I later rearranged the cockpit so I could get the phone in and out easier. Otherwise, works great.
Yep. Using the out front mount with the optional GoPro attachment, which I mainly use to attach a headlight conveniently.
Like everyone else said or at least most everyone, they're great. Never had an issue mountain biking or touring. Instead of getting their phone-specific case, I recommend getting a case with a PC back and the universal adapter. Their TPU cases will flex and eventually tear. I usually get a Ringke case off Amazon.
Yep. Very good indeed.
Yep. I have the larger one (puts the phone further forward). I also have the suction cup version in my car.
Yes, that's what I have. I like how stable the phone is once it's in. But at times it's a bit of a struggle getting the phone secured.
Yes, love it.
Yes definitely. I was sceptical at first but they are really good. I ride off-road and use it for my navigation with AllTrails Never fallen off. Handles the vibration well. Also a tough case off the bike.
Yes. Nothing else.
Sometimes I find it a little difficult fitting the phone case to the mount, but otherwise a good piece of kit.
Yes, have one on my motorcycle and my bicycle. The one on my motorcycle is actually cracked and still works fine.
Replaced my Ram mounts (after 12 years or so), as my latest phone stopped working, now only using quad lock and its dampeners on my friend's recommendation.
I'm glad to read here that others who ride rough terrain have not seen their Quad Lock fail. I have not seen mine fail. I use QL Out Front Pro near the tip of my aero bars to get the phone into a position where I can watch the road ahead and see the phone too. In my car, I use a QL mount with a wireless charging head. At home, the QL case allows wireless charging, but not at the fastest charging speed. When running I use a QL armband mount. When shopping for a phone I only consider phones with a QL case available, although it was interesting to read here that the Universal case mount works reliably.
Had quad lock switched to cheap AliExpress version. Same stuff. Quadlock is ok but so overpriced.
It was expensive, but I didn’t regret one penny, it’s bulletproof. Been using it for mountain biking. Jumps, high-speed rough terrain - always stayed there 
Yes worth the money, every penny.
Might be the best active case. The only problem is that in time the case starts to smell funny. Had this problem over 3 cases but I still use them.
Yep, and love it!