Phone Holders: Flip the case to take the phone out -VS- Detach the whole case with the phone

Hello guys, I bought a new Giant Bicycle and I am looking for a phone mount with a case to track my rides. I was wondering which type of case is more convenient to take out the phone during cycling in case of calls or photography. A or B?

A: Flip case to take the phone out

B: Detach a whole case with the phone by unlocking the phone

The QuadLock is well recommended.
Look into the SinceTop phone holder on Aliexpress. I have been using it for over 2 years now with no issues and much cheaper than the QuadLock
I like B because it can take my phone off the mount much faster than A
Anything from AliExpress will not be truly waterproof. If it is post a link to it.  Quadlock is the best phone mount. It is not cheap. But it is the best. When it is raining my phone goes in my bag. I listen to directions with Aeropex headphones.
Yes, I agree.
Very happy with the Quadlock used on many tours.
Another vote for Quadlock - quality kit.
Is it like option B?
Vibrations and water damage a lot of electronics, it's amazing how quickly a thief can snatch whatever you have on your handlebars. Don't depend entirely on one device for all your tour navigation, pictures, communications, internet, and trip journal. More devices are better. FYI I carry a backup paper map and contact list. If your tour is a few days then a phone would be more convenient but the risk is the same.
Thank you. I think the A option will prevent the phone from water damage. B option is faster to take out without flipping the cover.
Spend the money on QuadLock. It's worth it
Is it like option B?
 Yes, the QuadLock is the original, your option B is an imitation. Between the options you've posted, I would definitely choose B, not A.
thank you
is it like option B?
different. Let me find the two we are using
I bought a Garmin phone mount on eBay along with a compatible piece for the back of the phone which I glued on. Perfect. All for under a tenner.
how do you take off the phone from the mount while there is a call or take pictures. is it convenient to do it?
yes, very easy. Just twists off and you're good to go
thank you
I concur on Quad Lock though they are not cheap.