Pannier's Mount System Scratching the Paint of the Rack

I just switched to panniers, and their mounts are rubbing the rack. Within a week, the paint has rubbed off and they're scraping into the metal. Does anyone have a solution for this?

Duct tape.
Tape it, solutions can be so easy sometimes.
It doesn't matter. A bicycle is for use. Why are you concerned with scratching on the rack?
Tape yes this is essential equipment great for lots of jiggly stuff.
The more wear marks, the more adventures you've had. They're like battle scars, oh the tales you'll weave!
I use a black air hose and cable ties. Makes it lovely and quiet.
great idea thanks! I'll just have to see if I can fit some, but I think I can.
It’s pretty simple: Cut to the length then slit down the middle. Keep in place with cable ties 👍
Gas tubes work well, the paintwork is not as big a problem as the rattling noise when on dirt roads.
Gorilla tape.
I use vulkband - I don't know what you call that tape that isn't sticky, but you stretch it and it sticks to itself forever rubberish. When I had two big pannier claws (or to the thin tubing on my former rack I used a transparent petrol tube.
Look into the root cause of this rubbing. I don't see a picture, but rubbing is always caused by the relative movement of two parts. So you need to make sure any moving parts are so firmly attached to each other that they are absolutely tight and don't move. I have a Thule rear rack with Vaude panniers on it, attached to the rack by pannier clips on the top and my nylon ties at the bottom. The Thule rack is firmly attached to the bike by the rack's fabric band fasteners. And it's a full suspension bike! Nothing rubs anything.
Ortlieb and Deiter's panniers have anti-scratch insert/reducers available in different sizes that allow you to match the rack diameter. Check if reducers are available for your panniers they're demonstrated at about 1m20s into this video
oh my goodness. I can't believe I didn't notice this. I have Ortlieb panniers, and I took the spacers with me. So I've fitted them and it works perfectly! Thank you for mentioning this.
If the mounts are metal, did they come with plastic inserts?
An easy solution is to tape pieces of old innertube where the mounts touch the frame. I also wrap the pannier frame where the top mounts are to stop the panniers from rattling.
A short length (~50mm) of braided hose tube works well - spliced along its length to fit, cheap as chips & cable be cable tied on, available from most hardware / DIY stores.
Electrical tape.