Lightweight Setups for Bikepacking Trips: Tent, Tent+Bivy or Hammock setup?

➡️ Lightweight setup: Tent ⛺, tent+bivyy or hammock setup? Finally, I'm looking for a lightweight and compact setup for my "house" in hiking/bikepacking trips. The setup should be no more than 1.5 KG in weight in total and should be compact. Currently, I have the tent Naturehike Mongar 2, which is great, but the weight is around 2 KG and not so compact. The main concern is the ability to put your setup for sleeping in most places, even those, where tents are not allowed officially. If your setup is lightweight and no more the 1.5 KG - please share. I know there is a lot of discussion witch setup is better, some like hammocks, some like bivvy with a tent, and others commit to traditional tents. I never tried the bivvy/tent setup and hammock either. I want to invest in a good lightweight setup, which I can use almost everywhere without worrying about legality, mostly for the summer/autumn/spring seasons. Thank you.

I have used all 3 in different situations before. If your absolute main concern is being able to wild camp anywhere where you could not normally use a tent then a bivy is the best/only option. That being said a lightweight tent is still the most flexible and least affected by bugs as you can pop it anywhere and they are reasonably inconspicuous if well placed. A hammock is my fav for comfort and for watching nature from where I sleep but you do need those annoying trees 😂. For long bike packing tours, I always use a tent (big Agnes tiger wall) and for shorter ones I pick what will be best for the environment. The hammock/tarp and light tent come out to about the same weight I would say.
thank you. Good info for consideration
oh and if you decide to get a lighter tent make sure it has short poles. Much easier to pack on the bike. The tiger wall has a bike packing-specific model for instance. If u don't want to drop that much money nature hike do a cloud up 2 20d that is quite a bit smaller than yours for not too much. It is more cramped but I used it for a month from Stockholm to Austria with no problems.
yes! That's one of the most important things - short poles! Right now I need to remove them from the tent bag and put them somewhere separately. When we talk about tents, one more important moment - a tent should have the ability to be installed straight with the top layer first and after that - an inner layer. In case, it's raining.
3F UL tent. 900grams, compact. 1pax is spacious. Love it.
With a complete hammock setup, you are for sure gonna be over 1.5kg hammock is about 750 ish including a suspension system and bug net then u would still need a tarp underquilt or pad ( most go with an underquilt) and sleeping bag so just about any sleep system is gonna be over 1.5kg course in a tent you would still also need a pad and sleeping bag
yes, 1.5 kg maximum without a pad and sleeping bag. Only "place to sleep in", whether it's a tent, tent/bivvy or hammock with a tent.
that's gonna be hard to find unless you are willing to use a tarp tent with trekking poles or with sticks if you can find the right one or trekking pole tents like the z packs duplex or altaplex
Ferrino Síntesi 1. Less than 1kg
my concern is night showers. So, it really depends on where you're hiking/riding.