Do You Use Loctite or another Thread Locker?

Do you guys use Loctite or another thread locker? I wonder what works well for bikes.

I just check my bolts regularly.
I have done for a threadless bb, I used the red, although should probably have used blue. I was not planning on removing it, ever. It worked.
Loctite blue on rack nuts.
Yeah, I do this too. Don't think I'd want Loctite on anything else on my bike...
I would not use Loctite on any bike components but to each their own.
Copperslip on all threaded assemblies.
I use both, blue is always my first choice and on any items where that doesn't do it, I use red unless there's some reason not to. And red lock tight can be removed using a heat gun as I understand it but I haven't had to do that yet. A strong preference for blue first.
Yep, the blue stuff.
I use Loctite blue thread locker.
I wouldn't use anything stronger than blue Loctite on a need for red, and if there IS, you have worse problems than Loctite will fix. That said, I honestly can't think of anything on a bike that would need blue Loctite, except maybe disc rotor screws.
Yes I have it with me on the road at all times
Rack nuts get blue, nothing anywhere else.
Yup blue for things like the traction pins on my flat pedals when I adjust them have to re-apply the bolts for racks etc with red
Yes, there are other companies making thread lock compounds, than Permatex-Loctite ... Red, is for press fit bearings that fit looser than you want.
Blue Loctite on brake calliper screws, disk rotor screws, rack screws and bottle cage screws especially when using Stainless steel screws. ( it helps prevent thread pickup/growling) Have you ever seen brand new screws supplied with disk rotors etc with a blue stripe around the thread? this is a pre-applied thread locking compound so even manufacturers recommend it.
Blue loctite every time, or things come undone.
It depends on which Parts and which thread locker. Maybe blue for crank bolts/cassette nut. in my workshop we use 4-5 different green, red, blue, white/crème from Loctite and blue, green from Wurth,
Thank you all! I thought blue Loctite was the answer 😊 My fenders always come loose and I have lost some screws on my pedals. I need to put an end to this.
 The trouble is metric threads are loose fit compared to the old days of the 60s and earlier when threads were AF or BSF since then if I change my bikes first thing I do is sort out what could and will work loose and add Loctite.
You might want to try nylon bolts and hex nuts. However, I am surprised that Loctite blue didn't work for you. I have used it for years with no problems. I'm curious how you attach your fenders.
Oh no no, I haven’t used Loctite yet, I just heard that’s what people use most—going to try it.
Good to hear, I use lock nuts too on some spots. Good luck.
Blue Loctite. Every. Single. Time.
If you like using a torch and a breaker bar, red Loctite is for you
Medium strength on most threaded parts. Watch out for colour, I have seen blue with high strength. That stuff needs to be heated to come loose.
I always put mine together with Loctite Blue.
Blue Loctite
Loctite blue is my way to go.