Wildcamping in Europe: What Is Your Experience?

I am going to tour Europe on a bicycle and I was wondering what is the situation with free camping in Europe?

Spain and France. Amazing!
Scotland should be shown as green.
dunno the context of the graphic is “van life” and mentions roadside parking. This is not wild camping within the spirit of the access code.
28 countries in Europe camped no problem.
Scotland should definitely be green. Can you find a darker colour for the Netherlands?
It is illegal in Denmark. But there are plenty of free shelters and a great FB site called Brug min Baghave. Use my backyard. It's like Warmshowers but it's Free.
Wildcamping is illegal, but there are several Free Forests where it is allowed anyway, of Max one night, Max two tents. Find them on this website, which includes a map of many free shelters: www.udinaturen.dk Frit teltningsområde = free Forests Overnatning = overnight stay.
: more than 200 forests where you can sleep for free.
 Yes. My idea of Wildcamping is just pitching your tent where you want. That is illegal in Denmark. But there are plenty of wild areas put aside for wild camping in Denmark. Shelter.dk is a site with free shelters. There are dozens of them.
but when you can sleep in almost every village for 10 euros, you don't even need a tent
😂😂 I would rather sleep in a tent in the beautiful nature than in a room.
No issues anywhere
In Spain and Portugal, it depends on the season, summer is not easy, but if you stay out of the route, who will find you? Set the tent after dark and get up early, on rainy days nobody will look for you
As long as you’re further away from the bigger cities. I had no issues whatsoever.
Greece, Serbia, and Northern Makedonia green.
as far as I know, free camping in Greece is forbidden by law. Due to the fire problem, authorities are more strict from March to October. You'll have no problem if you are away from crowded beaches, archaeological sites, and private properties. By the sea, the rule is to set your tent before dark and pack (not leave) before sunrise. Locals can be accommodating too.
No problem if you're not too arrogant. In Germany and Poland, there are many camping sites in resort places. Finding a forest away from home 1 hour before dark is possible. There are no problems at all at the seaside. Do not light bonfires using primus, a gas burner. Any fire is banned in Greece.
wild camping in the Czech Republic is not officially allowed. They are not allowed to camp in the national park and protected nature areas! If you don't make a fire, then more in your sleeping bag and it's clean on the ground. you will not have problems.👍
Mostly good! Out of sight, out of mind. It's just finding the right spot sometimes, especially along some parts of the Eurovelo routes can be tricky
In Denmark, it is allowed in all State Forests under Trees. One night at the same spot. A few local restrictions occur. Sign of State Forest: Red Pole with this green label with Crown
Even if It isn't allowed, be kind, be nice no one will mess you up until don't leave garbage or destroy any property.
I'm moving to a green county
I’ve done it in almost all of the countries on the map - never had a problem.
In Germany, it's definitely illegal in most of the country...
And if it would be legal, you'd probably have to pay 450% in taxes.
In Hungary, wild camping is allowed by law. Suppose we talk about the tent and bikers/hikers, not the campers. It says you can stay in the forest, but a maximum of one night in one place. Of course not in the protected areas or water reservoirs, next to the big roads and railways etc.
I've done it a lot in rural Western Europe just because I got stuck needing a place to rest at the end of the day. People camp the whole way across Russia. It's sort of a national pastime.
At least get it right, the map wrong.
I’ve cycled and camped in many of these countries and had no trouble whatsoever. This may reflect the law but it does not reflect reality not for this group anyway. Trying to be helpful I know but it isn’t really. We are not Campervan drivers or caravaners. Be aware of your surroundings, be considerate be discrete be ruthlessly clean leave as you found or better and all will be well. Has anyone here ever been arrested for stealth camping or moved on or harassed by the authorities or locals? If so please add to the comments include why when and where from this we could learn a lot!
I don't know if as regards other countries this map is correct, but it's certainly not for Scotland, which is actually absolutely free camping.
The map is OK, camping is restricted on all Mediterranean coast of Spain.
Scotland should be green... Totally legal
not for camper vans though, which I think this graphic is aimed at. Nor layby camping! https://www.outdooraccess-scotland.scot/practical-guide-all/camping
In Serbia is free.
In Bulgaria, it is ok to camp unless it is in a restricted area like national parks, reserves etc. Personally, I am not very supportive of people who make fires everywhere since we have a lot of accidents. If you keep it minimal you should not have problems.
Is Serbia restricted and can be fined?
Aw so that’s what they did with the homeless
Eastern Europe rules!
This is misleading. The map is for vans and caravans, not for cyclists.
The Baltics is truly a dream to go wild camping. Especially along the Baltic coast. Moreover, Estonia is just great. Lots of free nature, many forests... and at night several entertaining little visitors.
Are there bears? 😂
In Italy free camping is illegal
Mmmm yeh but honestly Switzerland was my best experience when wild camping last year. I found terrific spots very close to lakes. The only thing is to stay aware and put your tent just before night.
This map is not correct. Camping is allowed and is popular in Scotland and Wales and most of the UK. Same with Hungary. Camping is specifically allowed in Spain, close to the entire length of all of the El Camino De Santiago routes. Nobody cares if you camp in Portugal. Lots of opportunities for camping in southern France, I've never been to the north.
Leave it as you found it, or even tidier. Stay out of sight and who is harmed? These laws are to prevent messy gipsies and other undesirables from taking over the countryside.
In a rural agriculture area just go to a farm and buy some eggs... start to chat end ask if you can camp for one night... you will get a yes and even more!!!
I think I camped in every country in Europe and never paid. Do you think they are searching forests at night with night vision? Maybe in Ukraine.
A dark green tent...
Keep out of sight, stay for one night only, keep quiet, use a trowel, and leave the site ultra clean. It's never been a problem.
It's illegal in Portugal (I live in Portugal) because of the danger of wildfires but it's tolerated out of the fire season (which changes yearly) if you're discreet and careful
In Poland, there are designated forest areas for camping. You can find them on czaswlas.pl
Just a few corrections. In Scotland, you have basically the same right to camp as in Norway. In France, you can stay overnight in a tent in most national parks, but camping during the day is not permitted. In Germany, you can be fined for sleeping overnight in your car on the highway parking.
Well, they got Scotland wrong. It's one of the most friendly camping countries in the world.
This map is for van dwellers. All the information is mainly for the benefit of those in camper vans. It even has a VanLife Europe Logo. People who live in vans are NOT campers. When I was cycling in Scotland these things were a flipping menace, quite a few times they would squeeze by where there was no opportunity to pass and try to force me off the road. Usually, they have several Ebikes secured to the back just so they can say they cycle but they aren't cyclists with a dirty great battery and motor attached to their bikes to move their lazy bodies. I think EU countries are fighting back against the menace of camper vans as they have taken over many scenic places for instance in Portugal along the coasts where locals understandably object.
Scotland is not legal? And in Spain maybe depending where, but don't do fires
Scotland should be green really
In Ireland no one will give you trouble; the only trouble you'll have is finding spots to camp because EVERYTHING IS FENCED -fields, woods, everything. My advice for wild camping in Ireland is beaches and historical places that are open to the public (monasteries, castles or big public parks - woodlands).