What Is the Average Speed and Distance per Day when Bike Touring?

What are your average speed and distance per day? I ride about 25km/h when I don't have to stop on my Mtb and I do like 150km per day (which I know is not a lot but I do some other stuff when I'm not biking)

Avg about 80 miles a day at 15mph while on a loaded tour
how do you deal with muscle recovery for the next day?
A lot of sleep and compression pants help.
My max speed was 45 km/HR and that was when a wild dog was trying to catch up with my bike.
When I used my road bike and travelled very light I averaged 30 km/h and was doing 150km a day. On my gravel/touring bike with more equipment, I averaged 22km/h and was doing 125km per day I just got a recumbent trike a couple of weeks ago to use on tours to ease stress in my back. Without anything on it and just out for rides I get about 22km/h. So the next tour will probably be a bit slower with all equipment and doing long days. I need more training but if I can get close to 20km/h on a trike and do about 120km a day I will be happy.
One day 16 or 22km/h and 60 or 80 or 120 kilometres. On another day sometimes more or less. I don't care about numbers anymore.
15 km/h with full pack 20-25 km with no bags
I average about 3-5 mph and 15-20 miles per day. That said, I'm travelling super heavy with a dog trailer and do lots of walking/pushing while the dogs walk beside me. https://pedals4paws.com
Put fast rolling / semi slick tyres
last year went loaded with a gravel bike 90% road (some badly maintained ) at about avg 25 km/h. Recently I have been travelling lighter with gravel more suited for the offroad. In the forests and sand sometimes at 10km/h. on flat road up to avg 33km/h. I normally average in the lower 20s. Distance depends on weather and terrain. Sometimes up to 250km sometimes about 80km.
The whole idea is to tour and see things, which also means not going in a straight line, even spending a day or two off the bike on foot to see things. Distance would range from 0 km - 120 km per day all depending on what's there to see
15 to 25km
14-16mph 80-100 miles with all four panniers and tent/bag.
205 miles one Saturday (about 42yrs old then) stripped down to just a butt bag with cash 😂 Seattle-to-Portland. Couldn’t walk right for 3 days after😂
15 to 18 kilometres an hour. And typically around 100 kilometres per day. I like to stroll and take my time to say hello to the people I pass.
I’m in no rush and average maybe 10-12km/hr including frequent stops to eat and smell the roses.
150km per day? crazy......
It all depends on the terrain and the amount of gear you bring along.
I am lucky to reach 20kph. Under perfect conditions - a straight, flat, wide, smooth road I might be able to get near 30kph. I plan for 120-130km legs occasionally stretching out to 200km.
We only do 80 km per day, at a speed of 20 per hour. We see sights on the way and visit villages and towns. At a slow pace. We are both > 60.
I average about 10mph and do between 30 and 40 miles on a day ride. Like to stop/start to. Photo opportunities and food stop. 🙂
With all possible respect, who cares? Enjoy the journey
NOT a lot? 😂 I think I average about 75. 90 on paved roads and 50-60 on sandy tracks.
I've only known my speed since my kids made me get strava on the phone. I'm over 65 I don't care, non of us in this group are tour de France competitors. Do what makes you happy, numbers will spoil your fun. If you have a day where your perceived effort doesn't match you, actually you could become disheartened
150km is a lot my friend especially with a fully loaded bike with front and rear panniers I do between 60 to 130 a day depending on the terrain weather etc it's not a race I keep about 6 to 8 hours of riding each day
Why live by the numbers which is just another form of social enslavement the idea is to be free..........
If you think 150 km/day is "not a lot," you have a problem. Or you're into racing, which has little to do with touring. I sometimes "brag" about the kms I've done over the 11 years I've been a nomadic cyclist/translator and language teacher (+/- 48.000 km, though I could be a thousand or more kms off, it's not so exact) and the number of countries (38 cycling many more without cycling), but I do it more than anything else to (maybe?) connect with like-minded people, or to define my lifestyle, I guess. To calculate a day's ride (just as an example) I figure 10 km/hr, that is, if I want to do 60 km or 80 km, then I figure I will be on the road some 6 or 8 hours. My average when touring is a about 70 km/day, though recently it went down to 40 km/day, in Mexico. 10 km per hour, including stops for photos, snacks, even long stops for lunch, drying out the gear, etc. When touring, I average 1.000 km/month, sometimes only 600 km, sometimes 1.500 km. It all depends. There's the weather, the terrain (flat/mountainous), my condition, my work load (I bike and work at the same time), and especially the season of the year, as the daylight hours in summer are way more than in winter! I think the only point to this post (hopefully) is to realize that there are as many answers as there are people. Each person finds out what is "right" for them, or what has been typical (average), and even that is relative because it changes! So there's not much significant to be said in the end, is there? 
I see no reason in keeping a record of it but 150 km a day doesn't leave time to interact and see/visit something. Not much about bike touring.
150 km is already quite a lot on an MTB. That probably equals the double on a fast road bike. I have done so far a 100 km on an MTB at an average speed of slow 15,2 km/h. You are having a good speed already. Myself, I don't care about distance or speed. I go at a slow speed of fun as I could do 65 km every day on a fully loaded MTB (bikepacking). My favourite saying: It is not about miles, it is about smiles. But people have different goals, so distance and speed may make them happy.
Everyone has different goals/objectives: touring/relaxing, a personal challenge with more speed/performance... There is room enough for everyone to enjoy bike touring as he likes it, I find it kind of pointless to compare. Also, high figures could discourage beginners who could feel they are not up to the impressive challenge. I usually ride for 6-7 hours a day, with as many stops as needed, depending on fatigue, fitness, load, terrain, weather... between 60-100 km/day maybe? The longest I rode must have been around 120 km in one day. I am not fit at all currently, so riding for even 60 km in one day would be a real challenge! The good thing is that you get back into shape super fast on a bike. The most important in my opinion would be to make it so it remains enjoyable and not a chore! Enjoy the views, food and people! :)
Well said, thank you!
OP, what do you use for measure and average? 150km without stopping on mtb seems stretched. I have done 170+ km stretches, with stops, through gravel rocks and singletracks before, it was a mission, it took me over 12 hours, riding in pitch dark on my 26 inch bike. On my newer gravel bike with packs, I mostly average 20km/h, this includes all roads and winds. Took me 5h30m to reach 100km yesterday and day before that, this is riding time on my speedometer. Add 2 hours on top for stops, food and looking around.
There are many factors affecting speed. For context, I am an older guy and not super fit, but I do ride 40-60 km regularly. Maybe 2-3 times per week. On my unloaded 700c hybrid I will average 20 kph. I will do 40km with minimum breaks. On my 1/2 loaded 26" touring bike, I ride easy. I stop regularly to take a photo, smell the flowers, have a drink, answer calls of nature. Where I live is not flat, but even on flatter areas on a short day ride I will average 15-20 kph. On a long day ride, I will take a 2 hour lunch break, cook lunch, wash the dishes, and play my ukulele while my food digests. On those days I will probably ride for 60km in 4 1/2 hours riding, that is about 13kph. I can maintain that pace easily day after day. The longest I have done in a day's touring is 120 km. That was out of necessity. I am also aware that 120km in a day is totally different to 120km per day, for several days.
that's the spirit. We would get along easily!
You must be very young.
If you are in a nice place, the slower the better
I like to enjoy the places I pass through. Maybe do 50-60 km a day. Its not about distance for me its all about the people and places I visit.
It's a good rhythm keep the in don't force it. Good luck ✌✌✌❤
10km per hour with frequent stops at Starbucks Walmart vistas beaches parks and museums. I do between 30 and 70 km per day when on tour. When it’s uphill, hot and After a Bad night's sleep 30km is an ordeal 😀it‘s weird when men ask this questionnaire and then concludes is that all? Yes, that is all 😃
 That sounds pretty realistic for Mtb female traveller :))
it's the experience not how fast.
That is a lot… and fast
That sounds like bike racing not touring
It appears to me that you seem to be missing out on so much.
That’s a very good average. On a loaded bike, I’m lucky if I can do 20 km/h. 100 km per day is top for me if want to fish and make camp etc.
20-24kph on long distances. In a city depends on the season, traffic and what is the reason for cycling
I'm startled that some people do 100/day for days and weeks on end. They usually are not carrying anything though and have support.
I don't have support, but indeed, I don't carry a lot. Just a sleeping bag and a new set of underwear
I used to average between 80 km and 120:km with a load of 17 kilos. I made sure not to exceed 20 kmh so as not to tier too early. I made several trips on the bicycle. I used to take a day off every 3 days.
It doesn't matter. I stop whenever I see a nice spot to eat/camp or chill.
Since ride-by shooting is the primary goal -- photography, that is -- I aim for around 80 km a day, depending on where my next bivouac is though. Speed? Dunno, I like to smell the roses along the way.
Less is better I do 6 or 7 per hour, and fully loaded.
I never do more than 100k for each ride. More than that and I get stressed.
yep! Agreed. There’s more to experience and need to do after the ride, important not to rush the recovery and savoring.
I average around 25 km/h for my daily 60 or 50-km ride. It's a lot slower now I am 75 I used to be able to cruise at 35 in my youth. Things change, I used to ride out to find hills to climb now I avoid them if possible.
Never more than 15kms/hr. Distance up to 70 km. What's the hurry?
After about 4 months in our Amazing World Bike Tour fully loaded with about 45 to 50 kg (incl. food and water) per bicycle, we average about 13 km/h and around 65 km/day right now in Turkey 🇹🇷. We try to start riding very early in the day because especially after noon the heat is very intense.
hello, I also suggest the free MakeYourTripBetter website to put you directly in touch with the many locals or other travellers who enjoy the same things as you. they will certainly have very good advice
Some years ago in Italy, a local cyclist helped me find a good cycling path (I was on tour) While we drove, he pointed at me, because I said I do only 100km a day. I was so dumb to get influenced by that😁, since then trying to do 120/130 or even more fully packed! These days I‘m on a 4day Tour in black forest Germany, riding about 70km a day😊. I enjoy it a lot. But, I get close to 50 years, so I try to take it a bit easier.
About 15 km/h. Bout 90km a day MAXIMUM.
Downhill up to 40km/h, uphill around 10km/h 😉 If really needed (depends on the place, where I can stay) up to 110km/h, but I prefer around 80km/day. I like to look around and see nature, special nice buildings etc. If I'm in the mood I take a 1-hour rest, mostly 30min/rests two or three times a day. I am 71-y-o, ride an e-bicycle and ride only on tarmac och paved roads. I only have a 15kg load, but my bicycle has a weight of 25kg.
seldom do more than 70 km/day unless I have to
I just commute to work and back. Maybe six miles/10K. 😂
I plan for 20kph each day on my trips and do anything from 120 to 160k per day
I tend to think about how far I'd be willing to ride on a cold, rainy, windy day and keep that at my upper limit.
Good until I see a bird or a coffee shop
150km per day is a lot unless you have a strong tail-wind. Over 12-ish km/hr, the wind resistance increases substantially. I usually prefer to be around 12km/hr and just ride more hours to get the 100km/day. I got nothing else to do anyway!
With little training, we averaged 70 km/day on a 1500km tour with lots of hills. We enjoyed just making progress and the stops. Being able to look at the map and see how far we had come was very rewarding.