The Camino Way in Spain: What was the Terrain Like and the Experience?

Hi, Has anyone cycled the Camino Way in Spain. I'd so what was the terrain like and the experience. TIA

I’ve done a portion of the northern route through the Basque Country and it was quite nice. Apparently, the latter part of the route, which I didn’t do, was more near a freeway and less scenic. But the experience I had was quite good.
I did app 1000 km from the south of France to Santiago de Compostella. The route is not easy to cycle, big parts are more like a walking trail. But on an MTB you can do it. You can also do alternative routes on roads when tired of the trails
Camino Frances was great. The varied landscape, some hills, some plains, one mountain. Good food, cafes, water fountains, and cheap accommodation for pilgrims. I really enjoyed it and plan on going back and doing it again as last time I wasted a lot of time waiting for a friend who was slow, so I didn't get to take my time to see everything.
If looking for fascinating landscapes, you should ignore most parts of the Camino Frances (except the short part in the west and some more parts in the east). There are a lot of alternative ways through the Cantabrian Mountains as well as the coastline, which is known as a pilgrim route "Camino del Norte", too. The best way is a mix of mountains and coastal lines. Of course, you'll climb much more than on the Camino Frances. For planning a route it's good to look at a map and select regions with natural parks or national parks. Even if you like to cycle the Camino Frances, you should take a look at routes to close aside there. Think i.e. for alternative route to Ibaneta Pass like the Col d'Orgambide, the Alto Sorogain or the Collado de Urkiaga.
Well, Jim, as ever what do you actually mean? Do you mean the Spanish Camino from Saville to Santiago or do you mean the French Camino that cuts through northern Spain to Santiago?
Or the Mozarabe from Malaga, or the Sureste from Alicante…..there is a multitude of Spanish Camino routes to Santiago. There is a very good Dutch cycling guide for the ‘Frances’ route.
hello, maybe also try the free MakeYourTripBetter website to put you directly in touch with locals or recent travellers to this place who love cycling. they always have great advice.
can't find the website. Can you give me a full web address, please?
I walked the first part from the French border to Bilbao and reckon it would be a great ride. I'm just riding my bike up from Valencia in Portugal to Galicia and am looking forward to riding along the Galician coast over the next week. It looks very hilly but I'm not in a rush and I'm hoping the weather improves as I intend to sleep on the beaches en route. I'm using a combo of Google maps and Komoot to navigate. .. You have to be careful with Google maps because they are inclined to send you down roads that are prohibited to cycles which is a pity because I find their directions a lot clearer than those on komoot. Anyhow, enjoy
Yes, in 2016. Brilliant experience. Some rough sections. Bikepacking bags, not panniers though, maybe as an extra, a very small backpack. Travel light, bare essentials. Cheap accommodation and food. MTB hire from Tournride. Finished in the afternoon on the 10th day, about 70% off-road. Did some sections on the roads as some off-road sections were too busy with walkers. Bike bell essential.
Awesome 👍
There are at least two routes. We rode the bicycle ride for a while but the traffic was horrible. We switched to the foot route but it was very challenging for a bicycle.
what time of year did you do it?
September 2016. Nice weather except for the day it snowed...
Tourist trap! Try midwinter, surely almost deserted but wet as hell and misty!
Hi Jim. There are some pics, info and articles on cycling the Camino on my website here:
thanks, Rob. Much appreciated. Enjoyed listening to your podcast 👍
Yes, we did the majority, about 70% on road. Used Strava to plan each day. Cheap accommodation and food. We did it in two halves and took a total of 15 days. Well worth it great route and you get to see real Spain
Not suitable for touring bike... I have done part of it but opted to make my own route. They do it on MTB with light backpacking gear. There are different routes but all get busy with walkers...well before COVID that is!... Should imagine it would be getting back to normal accommodation on the routes. Good luck 👍
My wife and I biked 200 miles of the Camino starting in Lyon in October. We rode the trail most of the time but had to go on roads about 15% of the time. Bikes annoy the hikers, so go during the shoulder season, not the summer. And use a bike bell! There are some big climbs on the Camino! It's not an easy route, but it's beautiful! The accommodations along the Camino were great and easy to find. The people were friendly and joyful! It was a great experience! Just be considerate of the hikers!
thanks. Thinking of going in September
Lots of Caminos and lots of options of routes. We have our route, blog, photos and even films of our trip last Autumn, Buen Camino
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Cyclists are so annoying when you are walking as they expect you to get out of their way all the time - be kind to the walkers and stick to the roads
not ALL cyclists