I'm a Side Sleeper, I Need an Insulated Pad for a Better Sleeping Comfort

Hey! Anyone a side sleeper? Post-winter prepping reminded me to replace my sleeping pad, with one that can better handle my sleeping on my side and the aging body that is needing more comfort as the years go by. Recommendations?

I am a side sleeper as well. I use a Nemo Vector insulated pad. Wide. I have used it on 3 tours. Nemo makes a good product
No, always on my back. A snoring champ.
on my back the snoring is so bad it wakes even myself!
Check sea and summit pillows, very comfy and adjustable.
Decathlon is selling an inflatable pillow, which is very light and takes no room when deflated.
I recently did the same and picked up a Big Agnes Insulated Air Core Ultra - the reasonable price at £80 in the UK, it’s definitely heavier than my short Thermarest neo air but so comfortable, quiet and insulated. Only inflate half full for max side sleeping comfort (at the expense of a little insulation)
Did you have a budget in mind does it need to be ultralight at what temps are you planning to use it whats your length and do you prefer wider pads for more comfort overweight or rather like a mummy model
I won't Winter Camp anymore, and the knees won't allow backpacking. So I'm mostly making cycle touring and kayak trips. I don't have a budget in mind yet. I'm 6ft tall. In the old days, I used to use a shorty, which would probably still be okay.
I use an inflatable mattress, it takes a bit longer to blow up and let down but it packs very small AND your hip does not dig into the ground. I also successfully used a self-inflating mattress (and added a few extra puffs of air). Get one with anti-slip features if you can; or use cotton shirts etc to increase the friction of the slippery sleeping bag on the mattress
Thermarest, expensive but excellent
Big Agnes Insulated Air Core. I also use a cheap inflatable pillow between my knees which I find helps alleviate some knee/hip pressure.
Your best bet by far is Therm-a-Rest Trail Pro - Isomatte this mattress is 7.6 cm thick. when you lie down on the full inflated mattress, go to the side position and let some air out til your hip almost touches the ground. this way the mattress will take the shape of your body and you will sleep like a baby. This mattress is self-inflated and shy over a kilo the large one. the big advantage is that you don`t need to blow it humid every evening then it will remain fungus free inside. You can have (Therma rest NeoAir Xlite Isomatte) 425 grams. and 6.4 cm thick but you need to blow it yourself (with a bag on the valve), less than 6 cm won't be as comfy. If you need to block the cold from the ground there are some extremely lightweight foam blankets coated with Alu on both sides and it doesn`t get wet. I use them as a footprint. you can see it in the pic below.
beautiful photo. Where are you?
Do you mean where this pic. was taken: It's on the way up to Passo del Rombo Italy-Austria on the Italian side. (Area where ötzi was found, he lived around 3300 years BC)
I am a side sleeper and am very happy with my Exped Synmat 7 MW. The 7 refers to the 7 cm thickness. There's also a 9 cm option, but then it gets heavier and a bigger pack.
By the way, the trick is not to inflate it too hard, but to leave it a hit empty so your hip and shoulders can almost touch the ground. I find it most comfortable that way
Hello, how noisy is this mattress when you slide to switch sides? my new Therma rest drives me nuts with that noise and now after some use sounds like it would have cornflakes inside when deflated to put it in the pannier. (i am aware of expected quality and price 🙂 )
It's much like a regular airbed, so it's not that creaky sound. I turn a lot during the night and I find it's quite silent, although you always hear some sound of course.
If travelling with trees about, consider a backpacking hammock - look into Dutch wear gear.
can't count on trees all the time oh, so you don't want to risk that. But thanks for the idea. I need to give a hammock a try sometime.
I travel with both tent & hammock. Not much weight or bulk, & a lovely night’s sleep or nap en route. Handy for dry setup in the rain, easier than a tent.
Big Agnes.
I have the Sea to Summit 10 cm self-inflatable