Recommendation for Prescription Cycling Glasses?

Any recommendations for prescription cycling glasses? Something that won't impede peripheral vision...thanks!

Hopefully, you'll do better than Norwich...
Oakley does prescription
Oakley prescription, for all my riding styles
any wrap around they won't do.
I have used Rudy Project for many years and have been very happy with them. They have clip-in inserts for the prescription which means when you change prescription you don't need to change the whole thing. Peripheral vision is fine I can't really recall any issues with that. Like any glasses, you get used to them after a few wears
did you order online? There doesn't seem to be a dealer near me (Vancouver, Canada) and their website doesn't have a store...
yes, I did order online. I then took the inserts to my optometrist to get the lenses fitted. My wife did the same, she has them also.
Aha! I was on the Italian dealer site, not the North American site (which has a store). Thanks!
Rudy Project
This is what I use, I got them from Zenni. The tinted lens flips up, the prescription lens is in a fixed position underneath. Thus far, I like them. are super nice and they do some wrap-around-ish styles. But they were too much $$$ for the budget if I wanted the lenses integrated into the main optic. And their little clip-in option, while much cheaper, wound up pressing into my eyebrows/eyelashes in an annoying way.
Ray-Ban does prescription lenses; I'm happy with mine. I'm not sure whether they do multi-focal.
Depends on RX, if you're + or - 4 or less Oakley will do wraparound if you go to an independent optician they can get your lenses from the best provider to fit your RX.
In my opinion, Carl Zeiss labs do the best job
I got my Rudy Project prescription sunglasses at I am lucky enough to live close to their headquarters.
I just ordered some glasses from sportrx - I had not found them previously!
Check out "Dual Eyewear"