Titanium and Carbon: A Good Choice for Long-Distance Bike Touring?

A titan frame will be a good choice for travelling. What‘s your meaning about carbon rims? Is it the choice for the day trips around the home? Or would you take them for longer trips?

Use alloy for travels
Wheels all end up as scrap, carbon is not recyclable and hence has no place in sustainable transport. Metal bike, metal wheels...
I have heard of failure due to load carrying issues
With weight, I would not carry them
Deep section carbon wheels have one main design consideration - speed/ aerodynamics. There is absolutely no need for them on a relatively- slow-moving tourer.
I like Stans Notubes Grail wheelset. I'm running tubes in mine but they're decent alloy wheels.
Touring requires the strongest wheels possible, and carbon wheels are made more for lightweight and speed riding. Believe me, you don't want to start breaking spokes in the middle of nowhere. It can take the fun out of a trip. Even after your wheel is repaired and straightened the worry about broken spokes will always be in the back of your mind, taking some of the joy out of your trip. GET STRONG WHEELS!!!
Bontrager Aeolus 3V don't have a weight limit and seems pretty durable. I went with 303 firecrests but they do have a weight limit.
Just rode 3 Days on MTB terrain on Gravel through the Voges in France on Pro 3V. Bikepacking setup and zero problems. Also, did bike touring with 120kg on my Trek Checkpoint with Pro 3 Rims.
Never trust carbon, metal will bend with an accident, and carbon will break and can't be repaired. Around your home it's OK but not on a long journey. Steel can be brazed or welded, aluminium can't. So it's only steel for me with aluminium rims.