Do you worry about wild animals when cycle traveling?

Do you worry about wild animals when traveling, like tigers, lions and bears?

No. But I'm in the UK.
If I see a tiger in the UK I'd be pretty worried yea.
I have seen a tiger in the UK. But that was in a wild animal park 😉
Dogs are a much bigger danger than wild animals.
There is a higher probability of being bitten by the dog!
I rode across India, but mostly a developed part. The plan was to bike to Assam (I got sick), and there are wild tigers there and yeah, I thought about it. But if you love nature, you have to accept certain (very unlikely) possibilities.
No wild tigers in the rural areas, unless you are travelling through any of the wildlife sanctuaries/parks. On most of the major roads no sightings of tigers, except might be a few wild elephants, deers, water buffalos, and mountain cattle (mostly in Arunachal & Nagaland). But, tigers are most unlikely, unless, too might be, at wee hours and one plans to camp inside a wildlife sanctuary/park 😜. Since you mentioned Assam and I'm from Assam, I HAD to jump in. 😄
Jokes apart, when did you travel to India? Cycling is now getting big in the North East, you can contact SpokeHub Cycling, they will guide you about cycling in Assam, and most of NE. They organise/sponsor multiple cycling-related events all over NE and they also conduct bike tours as well. I hope, you do come to the NE. It'll be unlike anywhere in the rest of India, with unique cultures, different tribes and totally different food. We use very less masalas but Ghost chilly originated and grew in Assam & Nagaland. Happy Pedalling.
2017, the trip ended up being from Delhi to Varanasi, where I got really sick. I wasn’t going to make it out of the country by the time my visa ended, so I had to fly home (I live in Thailand). Thinking of trying again, but this time I definitely can’t ride all the way, given the political situation in Myanmar. I’ll drop you a line if I do, thanks!
sure do. But, flying in would be better. Let’s hope the situation in Myanmar improves. A road trip to Thailand had been a long-time dream for me.
More worried by creepy crawlies, like snakes and scorpions. And dogs are assh*les
bear mace.
We always worry about street dogs.
I learned from my Buddy that when a dog goes after you, you can turn around and chase the meanest dog... try it next time...
sometimes it works.
Hello, here in Portugal the only wild animals you get is the mosquito. And is only in the summer. 
don't forget cows and dogs 😅
We get a few drunk rednecks here.
in Portugal, there is no malaria.
not in here! Maybe in America Latina our África😎
I never had problems only with pigs😎
and the drunk people on the ways, with his cár 😅😅😅
A squirrel ran under my wheel once.
squirrels are idiots. Running g in one direction would be fine. Freezing would be fine. Running 2 feet, changing direction, jumping in the air then staring at you isn't helpful.
to be fair this one did go in a straight line! Pheasants can be tricky….
We have bad-mannered rabbits crossing your path without watching 😳😜
Nope. I am just afraid of humans. They are the only real dangerous animal :(
well, mainly the drivers, in many countries!
Why would I want to be riding in a zoo - I'm not suicidal. Luckily, wild hogs would be the deadliest animals here - and coming across them, very unlikely. Only risks come from (very rarely) dogs and stupid tourists (very common).
I think as much as cyclists that the danger always comes from the man not from animals
Absolutely! Well, I am only worried by tigers hiking once. It’s always good to remember that many predators - like tigers or wolves - are nocturnal, so you’re gonna be fine if you cycle during the day. And if you’re in territory where there are many of them, well... I wouldn’t camp, but try to find lodging.
I'm curious about the risk from bears in Japan - anyone with experience?
more worried by parasitic humans than wild animals
Unless you ride at night you won't see any tigers as they are nocturnal animals.
I had no idea. Thanks for the info.
In North America, Brown Bears are a slight concern. Black Bears tend to run. Mountain Lions are very shy too. In South America, I think people are a little concerned about big cats there. Maybe big animals in Africa. Hippos cause some deaths. Indians have trouble with Tigers, but still only in the dozens every year ( There's a documentary about "The Real Indiana Joneses". One of them says it's the insects that get you. Malaria, Dengue.... Street dogs and crazy drivers. They cause me trouble.
Frequently, although I am reassured by the fact that there have been no reports of Tiger attacks in northern England recently. Nonetheless, I still steer clear of watering holes and choose the relative safety of pubs instead, just to be safe.
More worry about evil people.
Mosquitoes. Deadliest animal on the planet.
repellents work for me as am working in a malarious place in EA.
Where I'm at, I'm more worried by dogs and cows. If I'm surprised by a tiger, he must have run from a zoo or an illegal owner.
Oh boy, tigers are nothing. You should see the Romanian wild animals, we call them drivers. 😐
Only if there are Tigers around.
The only wild animals I worry about are the ones driving vehicles and the ones trying to Rob me or murder me.
We travelled Australia and were cautious of snakes and spiders but we were careful we certainly didn't allow it to spoil our time altho the wife did have a very very close encounter while on her bike with a snake.
Do what I do… I wear a full body, medieval chain mail suit of armour 24/7 just in case.
Very much. If I meet a tiger in Switzerland I should worry, he must be escaped from the zoo and is probably very hungry.
Yep. All those lions tigers and crocodiles in the UK!
Here in the UK 🇬🇧 the only wild animals are humans. 🙊
Having slept out, bivvy bag in places like Australia, India, New Zealand, Morocco, America, Spain and several other European countries, it’s the smaller bugs that worry me. It’s never mentioned much, but ants can be a nightmare, flies, mosquitoes etc. Yes tigers worried me at night in India, and signs saying, Tigers roam these forests at night, highlighted the dangers and made me more anxious, so I stuck to lodgings, they were dirt cheap anyway. Bears in America were similar. You need to be aware of the dangers in these countries regarding animals, however, the ones that will annoy you must undoubtedly be bugs. In Australia, my face looked like I had leprosy, due to mosquitoes, huge lumps appeared on my face, filled with pus! Ants bit me incessantly, crawling up my legs, flies buzzing around me when I was trying to eat. I took to sleeping on benches at night in picnic areas, a lot of the time, to get away from the creepie crawlies. Then I was warned about snakes in the grass, spiders, river gum trees that fall on you etc. There are dangers and okay I saw a bear in America, and they can smell food for miles away, but you hope that putting food away from your campsite, up a tree etc, will help. But the joy of seeing the wildlife at night, and the stars etc, makes it all worthwhile, or so I tell myself, when the truth is, I am a cheapskate. Only once been found by people, a homeless guy, whilst sleeping in a boat, on a children’s play area, I assumed this was his normal spot. Just familiarise yourself with the dangers of each country, many countries have none, only people!
I’ve seen coyotes and rattlesnakes here in California but when I went fishing in Alaska they gave us plenty of warnings about bears and especially moose.
Lion right outside his tent
I am worried by tigers and rhinos when I adventure in Chitwan n.p of Nepal.
you do not have to. Hard to find a tiger, and rhinos mind their own business
Yeah, I worry about tigers, especially ones that run for public office, evade taxes, and steal from state coffers.
Tigers do none of the above! People do!
: Well they call this bozo the tiger of the Philippines, but he's actually just a kitten.
This is one of my biggest fear, being eaten alive by such a wild animal; a tiger, lion, or bear. I'm in Australia right now, I was afraid to be killed by a cassowary when I arrived 😵 But now it's all right, I could ride it without any hesitation 😎😆
Beware drop bears in Australia 😂
really! - do you have anything better!?
Used to worry about bears in Ontario, Canada. Then I saw the stats. Now more worried by illegal hunters who might mistake me for said bear. The probability of getting hit by lightning is greater than that of being killed by a bear. I think. The probability of getting hit by a distracted driver is EXPONENTIALLY greater!
never heard about it.
We have some wolves and bears in Scandinavia. I would love to see one, but it’s only a small chance. Mosquitoes are the most annoying animals. They’re thousands in the summer. And 🐑 are dangerous because they are everywhere besides the streets in Norway. So be careful when going downhill
Cars are much more dangerous.
Never ridden where there are tigers or bears etc but wild dog packs were a concern in Eastern Europe/Turkey.
Not in France… 😂
just snakes and stuff, especially south of France, camping in wooded areas....😳
I’m actually from Australia so it has to be a pretty big snake before I get rattled 😂
rattled... see what you did there... If it gets in your sleeping bag, I think you'd jump, big or not 😁
In South Africa, we are most afraid of hippos. I cycled right past a giant crocodile once, my legs were shaking for a long time.
No tigers in Australia but snakes and kangaroos, yes 😄
and crocs, spiders...
The animal that takes more lives each year in Europe is possibly the deer.
Personally, I am more worried by loose dogs, or even rabid cats. I read that more people get rabies from cat bites than any other animal. This reminds me, I need to get my rabies shots before I start venturing wider afield. 💉
Swallowed plenty of flies. Sometimes need to wash 'em down with a swig from the bidon. And once had a wasp stuck in my helmet - little b*****d then stung me! Dogs are the most dangerous though. But good for sprint training.
A mouse in Germany once bit through my tent and stole some of my cheese.
Only if they have been overcooked.
No, because there are no tigers in my country.
People in motor vehicles, people out of motor vehicles and protecting your skin from long hours in the sun are the things most likely to injure you. Wild animals apart, from small rodents trying to steal your food at night, are unlikely to bother you.
I’ve had more than a few encounters with unfriendly dogs - twice in France and umpteen times here in Canada. I once encountered a wolf in northern Ontario but it was indifferent toward me.
Old Indian saying... Not to worry about the Tiger you see... For it is the one you do not see that is going to get you...
Hardly seen any Tigers in Scandinavia or Austria. I am not that scared.
Nah. I don't have to ride faster than the tiger. I just have to ride faster than you.
Generally, no, there are far greater dangers already mentioned by others but be sensible, if you're doing The Great Divide take pepper spray and an Air Horn. In South Africa decide carefully where you go and how. Use your intelligence and do your research but keep the relative dangers in proportion. In terms of harm I would use this as a descending scale of danger: vehicles, roads, man, sun, weather, water quality, insects, dogs, lack of self-care, not listening to your body, poor nutrition, pushing to a schedule, living by the numbers rather than the feeling, lack of rest, lack of bike care, animals.
excellent list.
I am increasingly worried about wolves in the Jura and Valais. They have been reintroduced. I have been barked at by aggressive dogs enough, to worry about wolves.
Never seen a tiger riding a bike.
They have high cadence but no staying power!
I always cycle like a tiger.
I’ve come across moose in the woods on my bike. Most recently a few weeks ago, a bull and he was huge. Standing right in the middle of the trail and wouldn’t move. Slowly backed away…. Also, I’ve had cows chase me in pastures. Actually quite scary.
Humans are the worst of wild animals.
The last two dangerous meetings and also crashes were caused by a lizard and a frog. No one wants to kill those small cuties. So I had to stop so hard that I turned into a catapult. All my bags were flying over the frog but not onto. The lizard before had less luck. She ran so fast towards me that I changed immediately the direction. She did the same and ran back directly under my tire and I rolled over her. I was so sad that I was not able to go on by bike for five days 😥.
Dogs, f###ing dogs — I’ve been bitten 3 times and chased dozens with never an apology from the owners.
so terrible! I've had the same experiences. They just kind of shrug and don't seem to care.
now I call county dog control — it’s very effective.
I don't think that Peru has such a thing :'(
Yes, I did! Sounds ridiculous but I worried about Wolfes as I crossed a forest in Lower Saxony 😱
Deep in the forests of Canada, there are potential dangers, but being prepared and acting accordingly will eliminate the fear.
Dogs... also my wife if she is hungry.
Never. It’s people that worry me.
Cars with distracted drivers are the biggest concern :(
This little girl when she's tired.
No tigers in Mexico.
It's surprising how much success I've had with the very small Taze-R device on unfamiliar roads which the local animals consider their very own. The pitch of the device keeps them well back from being threatening.
Here in Michigan, the biggest threat to me is suicidal bunnies. 😜
The only animals I really worry about are farm dogs And maybe the occasional coyote.
really? I see coyotes all the time and usually, they’re so skittish I can never get close to them. I’ve tried.
I worry about them more if I’m camping when I bike. I like to do overnight trips to the country.
I can see that since they may be attracted to any food you have. Most of the ones near us live in suburban green spaces along bayous and creeks. They only get to be about 40-50 lbs at most. They typically hunt rabbits and squirrels and the occasional stray pet. But they are timid and don’t like to be around people.
Mainly dogs in the US.. but on occasion, you hear of a bear or cougar attack. But rare.
Malaysia is an interesting country for bicycle touring.
Locals told us that safe to do bicycle touring in Malaysia, but do you know more than five cases of tiger attracting humans happened each year?
Hedgehogs here in the UK. Vicious little blighters.
They are afraid of animal called human 😂
I once had an Ontario Trifecta Day: I was riding solo on Highway 101, about a day east of Wawa, and was interrupted by a bear, blocked by a wolf, and startled by a moose. (I was off the bike, picking blueberries when the bear came up behind me. No one in recorded history has ever mounted a touring bike faster.)
Not in London usually, no.
When I cycle in a grizzly country I’m always a little worried.
ME TOO !!!
I met a mountain biker from Alaska out riding one day and he told me he never went anywhere up there on his bike without a 10 mm pistol on him at all times, he had one of those small air horns he said would scare the Grizzlies most of the time he said they were very predictable... It's the black bears he didn't like he said they were very unpredictable hence the pistol. He said ANYTHING that smells like toothpaste, tampons, food, or soap, goes in an unscented bag that you hang AWAY from your camp and cook your dinner somewhere else before you get to where you're going to camp. Bears to him were like Meh no big deal, very interesting conversation learned a lot.
I have friends that have toured Alaska with nothing more than bear spray. I have friends that live there that won’t step into the woods without a gun. I’m not going to carry a gun on a bike tour. I’ll carry bear spray and hope my karma is good
Hey Dom I'm no expert on bear behaviour just sharing a conversation I had with a fellow cyclist who lived in Alaska that I met in Golden Co. he was a die-hard mountain biker, don't know if he was a bike tourer or not. He was very mattered of fact when it came to dealing with bears all he carried was an air horn, bear spray and a 10 mm. Was listening more about the things he did before camping, up to being at his camp, and the preparations he did before going to bed more so than what, when, or why he carried a pistol. Would I wear one in Alaska? Yes, I would because it's better to have one and not need it than the other way around. Really not a big believer in karma.
lol... wild animals here in Malta are politicians.
Hunting allowed?
not on them.
Only when I cycle through the Yorkshire Wildlife Park.
Nobody wants to die, but being eaten by a tiger is quite a way to go if it’s your time…
Murder raccoons mostly.
We don't have tigers here in my area...only bears and cougars.
I have been chased by dogs everywhere, chased by an Ostrich in South Africa, cycled cautiously past a small herd of Bison in North Dakota, almost crashed into a deer in Wisconsin, and cycled by angry cows (yes - angry cows - in Wyoming) but I am only terrified of wild men and women behind the wheel of a car. Anywhere.
Wow, I think you're the only cyclist I've interacted with who's also been chased by an ostrich in SA. Cheers! Was it at Cape Point?
De Hoop Nature Preserve. Beautiful place but those birds are scary!!!! Two of them got into a fight.
Since you can't outrun a lion or bear or tiger make sure you can outrun the persons with you. 
Almost ran over or did.. snakes, racoons, turtles, opossums,... Spiders, deer, gold coin...
I worry about drivers addicted to their smartphones because they read wild messages from a tiger/tigress…
I wished there were still more tigers in nature. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes in Georgia, the US, especially my buttocks when going for a pee at night or straight through my anti-bug pants, sand flies in Tasmania, and fleas and bedbugs in Spain. It’s just sheer horror. I hate these animals….
We have bears here in the Pyrenees but a far greater danger is stray bullets from local hunters, people get shot by accident every year, even whilst driving cars!
You'll be eaten by tiny bacteria.
Never had to worry about Tiger. Huge Brown bears, occasionally White bears, Mountain lions, and snakes have all crossed my path. Stay safe and enjoy the animals.
Be Careful. Male animals are dangerous even humans. Mother animals ... buffalo can run 40 miles an hour ... tigers hunt humans so if you are crazy and want to die visit tiger woods and hike without a gun.. lol. Learn to climb a tree and wait till they leave... food chain... survival of the fittest...