Busch und Müller Power Supply - Phone Charger

Hello, some travellers were asking for phone charging devices. I found this Busch und Müller power supply. It works with all hub or tire-driven dynamos. You can use parallel a front light. Compatible only with IQ Busch&Müller front light. I use Shutter Precision hub dynamo, very light: only 400g. Easy to install. Inaugurating it in the next weeks 👍

From my experience of servicing subsea electronics, irrelevant of the charger's stated Ingress Protection rating I'd recommend you use mudguards to minimise water spray/ingress onto/around the charger, and its associated connectors around the light.
thank you for the advice. I think I will store it in my Frame bag
Even a section of cola bottle with ends removed wrapped around it would keep the rain & muck off, that also would minimize it being moved around leading to damaged (open-circuit) cables. Cable glands & connectors are often the weak points of many products, often 'abused' by users.
This goes into the shaft, a little more complicated setup
I installed a Cinq Plug5 Plus. Nicely hidden in the headset of the bike. Very satisfied and you can charge everything easily in the handlebar bag.
I have the same device and I am satisfied.
how do you manage when it rains?
I only drive in the desert 😆. More serious, I just cover it with a small sheet of plastic attached with an elastic.
Hidden under My steering bar.😊
I use one of these but at touring speeds, I find it's a choice of either lights or charging. That said I wouldn't be without it and on good days everything is fully charged.
Never worked properly on my Koga, so interested in your experiences and will be using it! :)
I built such a device myself. all you need is an ac/dc diode, a capacitor, and a few standard diodes. cord, piston as well as battery pack what to charge. the batteries have to be replaced every 5000-8000 because the charging capacity is lost. the ac/dc package itself has been running for 15 years.
Talking as an electronics engineer, batteries need to be charged according to their chemistry type, Nimh, NiCd, Lithium etc, your approach of rectifying then strapping straight onto the battery packs is the reason their charging capacity is lost. Albeit an excellent Ah-to-weight ratio, lithium cells are the worst for touring as the damage occurs from discharging them, Nickel Metal Hydride are the best as continual discharge/charging cycles maximise their capacity. Here's one on my first tour's project page (2nd project down) that uses a specific intergrated circuit charge controller; http://wallisonwheelscompleted.blogspot.com/p/bicycle-projects.html
I had one of these paired with an Alfine hub. Fantastic piece of kit, much better than riding in the sun with a solar charger…
I recently bought the NC-17 Connect Appcon 3000. Very light works fine, and can be built-in but you can also store it in a small bag. Can also be charged via the net. Excellent power distribution system. Should be enough to keep my phone, Garmin and tablet charged
Do you really take your tablet with you when you travel? I never do this. When I'm on vacation I'm on holiday. I'd rather bring another pair of pants.
Mine has been hit and miss. Worked well for the first couple of tours. I'm on my second but it no longer delivers a charge sadly :(
good to know. I will see how long mine will last
hello, Let me know if it works...
yeah, it works perfectly fine.
Are you using it???
it works!
Does it really charge a device? Or does it just hold the load?
Depends on which one and 1 at a time but anyway without the headlights, so my Garmin 830 ok, my front end ok, but certainly not a smartphone, for that matter, charge the battery and this one to charge when we can.
Thank you... well, it seemed to me... I was told that to charge a phone it takes at least 2 hours to a minimum of 20 km for it to charge...
for my Garmin, 4h without stopping at an average of 14km/h, just a rib and it's done, the smartphone has too much amperage that the hub can't give, whatever the e-werk setting
My B&M IQ came with a USB port on the handlebar control. I don’t know how the USB Werk improves on that. 🤔
I have the same. Charges my phone 10% in 1 hour. Not very useful.
10% is better than a poke in the eye...
I use the same B&M charger but I connect it to my USB battery and let that charge constantly as I found it can be a little temperamental charging a device (phone, lights, etc) directly.
I have the same one! Amazing
Bush and Muller It's the only low-priced device compared to the rest of the dynamo USB chargers, I really recommend it.
Have the same with Son, NOT ok below 15km, whole day biking, charge 25pct iPhone, just bought a solar panel