Preferred Bicycle Travel Case? How Do You Pack Your Bike for Airline Travel?

Hello bicycle friends! Looking for flying advice. What is everyone’s preferred bike travel case for flying to foreign countries? Also, how do you all pack your various bags for airline travel? Thank you all so much!

I just go to my local bike shop and get one of their used cardboard shipping boxes. They are usually happy to get rid of them. The airlines allow them without question.
A cardboard bike box is a great option and is usually free from your local bike shop. We also use an Evoc bike travel bag and it has always served us well. In terms of packing, we bought some pipe insulation from a plumbing supplies store and used that for the frames for additional protection
Cardboard Box
A bike box is the easiest. If it is big enough, you generally can leave the rear tire, rack, and fenders on. Just remove the seat post and handlebars. I fill my 2 top tube bags with tools. With the weight of the box, tape, and padding, you will be close to 23kg. Tent poles and sleep pads might fit in and tools could go in your panniers if you're overweight. The panniers can be filled, wrapped in plastic and taped together. If you have more stuff, you can fill a cheap plastic-type zippered bag with all your gear and tape it so it looks tidy. If you plan to unpack at the airport, then having the panniers already packed is the easiest way. Airlines will accept anything that looks solid and well-packed. I have made boxes, used tarps, motorcycle covers, heavy clear plastic and even legitimate bike bags. I have a very light day pack for carry-on which is also my grocery bag. Good luck.
My bike, gear, and camera today on the flight to Istanbul. 2 boxes. Use shrink wrap because the will still manage to rip it in the handle holes but the wrap will make sure nothing falls out. Trash them at the accommodation. End of the tour I go to the bike shops and ask for an empty box. Hasn't been an issue yet
I use my EVOc bike bag for my road bike (has fork and wheel protection). The touring bike and gear go in a cardboard bike box from the airline or bike shop.
2 bikes and all the rest like side bags etc in a bag. Tardis bike bag is used
Me, with 2 full-sized touring bikes equipped with S&S Couplers allowing the frame to be halved. Our panniers are our carryons. We’ve travelled the world for 20+ years this way.
My bike with the travel bags on the front racks.
What kind of frame and did you have the couplers installed or did you buy it this way?
the bike is a 1992 mail order Nashbar Tour 5000 that an S&S certified installer cut in half and brazed on the couplers which costs $700 including the powder coat re-paint. They also did my wife’s Burley, and she sewed the Cordura bags.
excellent stuff! Proof positive you can tour the world on a bike that won’t break the bank.
yes, over the 30 years and 85,000 miles its total cost, including new wheels and group is well under $2,000.
We use a cardboard bike box. Free from a bike shop. Then discard recycle it at our destination. At the end find another bike box.
I use the Trico Iron Case. It's great but heavy. It weighs 30 pounds but the bike is super safe. If your bike weighs 20 pounds then it's a good option since many airlines will limit it to 50pounds. My bike weighs 22 pounds including everything so I just take 2 pounds with me. The cardboard box is great. I am just an anxious person so for my own peace of mind I use the Trico. I bought it barely used for $100
This being said, the SS couplers look like the best option. That would make travelling with a bike no problem.