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Bicycle touring feed from Migratory Bikes - 2 Apr 2022

Traveller: Migratory Bikes
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Hello fellow cyclists!

We are Camille and Antoine and we have been traveling by bike for about 8 months. We can say that today is an achievement for us: we crossed Turkey by bike after leaving our home in Montpellier, France. More than 7000km and 80,000m of vertical drop in total, but above all, a transition between Europe and Asia which could not have gone better… TURKEY IS MAGIC! 🇹🇷

We spent 3 incredible months in this country. The landscapes are stunning, there are many impressive archaeological sites and the Turkish welcome is not a legend: the generosity of this people and their desire to welcome travelers is fascinating. It is even more intense when you travel by bike I guess. We will never forget all the people we met, many of whom are now our friends because we had so many good times with them. 🥰

Among our favorite parts, we will undoubtedly remember our cycling days near Mount Ahsan (Ahsan Dağı), the arrival in Cappadocia, the discovery of authentic cities like Ilhara and it’s canyon, the natural pools of Pamukkale, the immense snow-covered deserts of Anatolia, and so on… (It was also very cold, we had several nights at -10°C)❄️

We can only advise you to discover this country that is Turkey, the cultural and visual change of scenery is inevitable. We don’t have time to clearly detail 3 months of adventure so we present the first half of our trip here (about 2000km by bike). We will make another post on occasion to tell you about Eastern Turkey. In the meantime, we hope that our photos will make you want to discover this country. 🤗

And of course, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate! We will answer it with pleasure ✌️ Safe rides, Camille & Antoine

Migratory Bikes

PS: if you want to discover our adventure more closely, you can join us on Instagram and watch our stories where we talk about our days in detail.

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