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Bicycle touring feed from Val Flo - 14 Mar 2022

Traveller: Val Flo
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Hi guys, we just spent 2 months in Greece after 6 months in the USA. This is part of our 2-year bike trip with our two girls (9 and 10). Greece is beautiful but 80% covered by mountains. With children riding their bike, you need to be creative if you want them to have a positive experience ! So we didn’t experience the country as cyclists usually do. After several days enjoying Athens, we did some of the Cyclade islands (so beautiful!) and then we did the north of Peloponnese which is fairly flat (and we recommend the train between Athens and Korinthos, very cheap, one every hour and you skip 100km of industrial area). We went down to the Ionian island Zakinthos (breathtaking !) and we did some Workaway for a month in an olive grove for a month near Patra.

We’re heading to Izmir (Cesme), Turkey. We’ll take the ferry on Chios island. It’s now open (ferries btw Greece and Turkey used to be closed because of Covid). Again, I checked directly with the ferry company, don’t rely 100% on internet (reservations were still available when it was closed).

People in Greece are really nice, ready to help and solution oriented. Careful though, this is low season and post-covid, so information on internet is not reliable (hotels, trains etc…), talk to people to confirm things. We got a very cold winter and even got a snow storm in the Cyclades! It hasn’t happened for 20 years… but it makes a uniquely beautiful scenery.

Traffic is ok, probably because of the low season. Avoid downtown Athens but rest is ok. Roads are narrow and no shoulder but people are used to avoid walkers and small motorbikes, so they will be careful with you. On the national roads, there are shoulders but don’t be surprised to see trucks and cars rolling on it, as they use it as « slow vehicles lane » so other cars can pass them. But slow cars go back to the regular lane far from you, no one « is breathing on your neck ».

If you want to see more, here is our YouTube playlist on Greece (video part 3 shows Cyclades islands under the snow):…

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