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Bicycle touring feed from Iris Mueller - 08 Mar 2022

Traveller: Iris Mueller
Original post: Bicycle Travellers / 920764051965715

Yesterday we arrived back in Muscat after cycling beautiful Oman for another 24 days (the first round was also 24 days).

After being on the road for 20 days without a rest day, we were incredibly exhausted from riding in brutal sun, desert winds, sand and dust and not to forget the crazy climbs we had to take here. I started to develop some fever with dizziness and headache although we made sure each of us drinks about 5 liters of water every day. So the last 4 days back to muscat were a bit if a struggle and every morning I woke up and I really did not feel like going back on the bike anymore.

BUT we could not have been any luckier in those 4 days because every day we either got invited for lunch or for a comfortable place to sleep without pitching the tent. We even have been picked-up by someone who gave us a lift for a few kilometers to spare some strong head winds. With the help of those amazing human beings we were able to make it back to Muscat relatively smooth (still in pain and some fever when we arrived) where we will now hibernate in a friend’s house and keep up with all the work we have not been able to do while on the road.

I cannot express enough what a wonderful country Oman is for bike touring and I am glad that more people start to come here. Regarding our project Oman has also been a surprise as we never got to talk so much about mental health as we did here as people are very interested in this topic and really want to learn about it.

In a few days we will go back to Antalya where we have been invited by Akdeniz √úniversitesi to hold a presentation about mental health and Stigma against people with mental illnesses. Before this we will be visiting a school here in Muscat which has a program for children with special needs and disabilities and represents a good example of inclusion here in Muscat.

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