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Bicycle touring feed from Jan Ngo - 18 Feb 2022

Traveller: Jan Ngo
Original post: Bicycle Travellers / 910192189689568

Dear Community, I am with my girlfriend in Oman on our bike world tour with our Projekt Cycling for Society. And this community helped us a lot @irisausberlin recently. And I wanted to say thank you πŸ™

You might already know we had some problems with our gear. After a week of a little break in Muscat Oman, where we tried to fix our gear, we are the road again! My back rim is still not fix, we could not get a spare rim for me, so I still riding the cracked rim with less load and less air pressure. Please Keep your finger cross🀞 for us.

Oman is very beautiful! And I just wanted to share some pictures with you 😊. On the road we also work on our little side project! We have soon an exciting announcement to make. 😊 Greetings from Oman

image image image image image