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Bicycle touring feed from Migratory Bikes - 18 Jan 2022

Traveller: Migratory Bikes
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Hello everyone !!

Above all, we would like to wish you all a happy new year! Let’s hope the air chambers won’t die, that the wheels won’t veil and that the the cyclist adventures will go on for this year 2022 🥳🥳

As you may know, we are traveling by bike with my partner and we have just arrived in Istanbul from Montpellier (south of France). About 5,500km and 60,000m of elevation to enter the Asian continent!! We are very happy with these first months but we are still far from Nepal 😅

We share with you here our thoughts on Albania and Greece, which were just incredible to cycle with the winter settling in the mountains.

In Albania, we had a lot of rain, which allowed us to meet many locals in difficult moments. The reputation of the Albanians is well deserved, they are undoubtedly the most benevolent and friendly people we have met: we have been accommodated several times, many inhabitants gave us food, sometimes even on the road, and even if hardly anyone speaks English in the hinterland, we spent extremely funny evenings. It is also a magnificent country, in short, just perfect for the cycle traveler!

For Greece, we expected a country more typical of “Western Europe”, and we were very pleasantly surprised going through the mountains to reach the gorges of Vikos, in the north of the country. You don’t feel any difference with Albania except the language, the people are also very kind and nice. On the other hand, the weather conditions were very difficult: we rode one day near a lake at an altitude of 1300m with a feeling of -15°C, and a really cold night at -8°C. But the landscapes were there, and we were motivated by the idea of ​​reaching Meteora for Christmas Eve. Between the monasteries, the mountains and the seaside, Greece is really varied and pleasant to travel by bike out of season.

Good day to all, and beautiful adventures to those who are on the road! 😘 Camille and Antoine from Migratory Bikes

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