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Bicycle touring feed from Domenico Sprovieri - 27 Dec 2021

Traveller: Domenico Sprovieri
Original post: Bicycle Travellers / 880579249317529

Bike Tour 2021 - 3.000km Unforgettable! DAY 5: Cologne - Frankfurt ?? Have you ever slept on the street? Afraid the first time? Back from 2 days of fever, I get back on my journey, cycling on the cycle path that runs along the Rhine river, from Cologne to Frankfurt, where from Rhine, it becomes the Main. The cycle path is very well made and intuitive, you don’t even need to look at the map. It is part of the EuroVelo 15 (highly recommended) so just follow the directions on the route πŸ‘Œ You will find fairytale sceneries, surrounded by vineyards and castles on the hills 😍 I can’t cover the km I set out to do, the fever had weakened me a lot, so after 172km I stop in a small but very nice village, Oberwesel. Here I decided I wanted to try sleeping on the street πŸ˜… Video on this link

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