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Bicycle touring feed from Mountain Ator - 30 Nov 2021

Traveller: Mountain Ator
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Bicycle in nature is pure life! This is a rough summary of my craziest, toughest, most beautiful, dangerous, exhausting and unforgettable experiences, in different seasons and different terrain, through and over different mountains this world.

Gasping for air at 5500 meters above sea level, sleeping in a sleeping bag at minus 44 degrees, pedaling at plus 51 degrees in the desert, being attacked by mosquitoes and bite flies, by wild dogs stealing food, by roaring puma (which fortunately is far away on the opposite side of the valley), huge condors that glided majestically in the air and spiders that had sought my body heat, experience the beauties of every season and a lot of joy!

Pure emotions! Right on the pulse of life!

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