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Bicycle touring feed from Valentin Buron - 23 Nov 2021

Traveller: Valentin Buron
Original post: Bicycle Travellers / 861293634579424

Hey everyone. We are three brothers from France traveling by bike Val, Bart and Polo. Now around Italia in Lago di Guarda. Next step will be Venizia, Trieste and follow the coast of Croatia..

We’re always looking to meet new people and discover culture, food and people from everywhere. If you see us on the road do not hesitate to say HI, stop us, invite for caffe or hot shower will be awesome…

Thank’s for reading. Enjoy the road Val Bart and Polo. 🚲🍀🔥 Barthélémy Buron Paul Emile Buron If you want to follow our Adventure just check our Instagram. @burons_biking

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