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Bicycle touring feed from Jerry Kopack - 26 Oct 2021

Traveller: Jerry Kopack
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The Negev Desert – Israel ❤️ After the first snow fell this month in Colorado, I thought back to my trip through the Negev Desert in Israel, a tranquil escape from the melee of Tel Aviv. To be clear, I’m not a desert person, but rather more at home in the cold, high alpine mountain passes of Colorado (and the Himalayas), and this trip would test me. My friend Yuval Behar and I followed the Israel Bike Trail, a beautifully carved stitch that snakes its way from Sde Boker to Eilat, at the border of Jordan. We would start early at 6 a.m. to beat the stifling heat then find a place to rest (and hide) for several hours before starting up again later in the afternoon. More bikepacking stories here: Instagram: worldspinsby

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