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Bicycle touring feed from Filippo Graglia - 21 Oct 2021

Traveller: Filippo Graglia
Original post: Bicycle Travellers / 842438679798253

Hi colleagues! I have travelled solo by bike from 🇮🇹 Italy to 🇿🇦 South Africa, in two years. “25000km, 615 days, 11 changed tires and 8 chains. These are the few numbers I have in mind from my trip. And I certainly didn’t think about it that day when I finally arrived at the port of Cape Town, queuing with other tourists for a photo on the famous yellow frame that frames part of the pier and Table Mountain.

“I lift my bicycle onto the frame and dive into the picture, as some people applaud, and a man cheers me on: “Yeah, man!” I ask someone to take a picture of me, and shortly afterwards, I am sitting on a bench a few metres away. The bike is leaning against the backrest behind me. At that moment, perhaps for the first time since I left home, I feel alone. In the hustle and bustle of tourists at the pier, I had no one to share the moment with or, to be more precise, no one close to me or who could understand what that moment meant to me. I called mum, dad, my sister Martina, Fred. No one answered. I started laughing, how sad, I thought. Strange emotions, huh?” 🚲 Text taken from my book: A Toubabou on the Horizon.

– Location - Cape Town, South Africa Date - July, 2019 –