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Bicycle touring feed from Bill Fowler - 07 Oct 2021

Traveller: Bill Fowler
Original post: Bicycle Travellers / 834011927307595

Day 2 - 24.9 miles (94.3 in total) Excerpt from the book: “Boy, did I sleep well last night. Having ridden almost 70 miles and with over 1,000 feet of vertical climb, my body needed rest. When I started my pre-trip conditioning I knew my distaste for training and conditioning but I also knew this trip would physically be extremely taxing. I hoped that my two hour daily workouts would have me in condition enough to survive the initial daily demands. If so, I also trusted that, even for a guy of my age, I would be much stronger and in top condition within a couple of weeks. If I could just last that long. In short, knowing that I would not be in the best condition and also knowing I would be hitting the hardest mountain climbs of the entire trip, I reasoned that the first few days would be the most demanding of the trip. With that knowledge and with all the unanticipated challenges from the previous day, I now faced day two.” image image image image