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Bicycle touring feed from Iris Mueller - 06 Oct 2021

Traveller: Iris Mueller
Original post: Bicycle Travellers / 833104287398359

We arrived in Korce today which will be our last stop in Albania before we cross the border to Greece. The last few days we were wild camping in the mountains, but it got incredibly cold – inside the tent was 3 degrees, our bikes and bags had frost on them. Because of the cold we slept pretty bad which weakened our physical and mental condition. At some point I found myself asking: “what I am doing this for”? I have been trying to raise donations the whole last week – without success. I created a bike challenge for world mental health day to raise more awareness and get more people involved in the anti-stigma campaign and was not able to reach as many people as I was hoping to. I had people laughing at me for spending all my savings to fight against barriers and society mechanisms which are much more powerful than me. So, the last few days I felt very alone – standing alone against the tide. I was wondering if it makes sense to care so much about a problem I did neither cause, nor a lot of other people care about. This morning I was sitting in front of a bakery nibbling my breakfast when an old lady came by and handed me over 200 Lek and made me understand that she wants me to by food from that money. Shortly after, I received apples from another Lady as a present. And then we arrived in our guest house where we got a room upgrade even though the people here are just trying to keep their heads above the water. And then I received a message from someone thanking me for caring for people seemingly no one cares about. And then again, I knew why I am doing this – because as long as there are people caring for each other and supporting each other, that’s all it needs to change the world. And I want to be one of those people – every day a bit more!!

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