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Bicycle touring feed from Sognandolontano - 14 Sep 2021

Traveller: Sognandolontano
Original post: Bicycle Travellers / 820355905339864

I was 7 when I first came here. When my stepfather, my mother’s husband, worked together with the other army officers cartographers on the design and tracing of the Russian-Finnish borders in 1964, he was assigned the house that my mother then bought. I spent a few summers there as a child. Despite being a “chatterbox” and able to talk even with trees, when I was little I preferred solitude and silence. I have always loved living more lives by taking refuge in the pages of books, climbing trees to look at the dreamed horizon. And here was the ideal place to do it. I returned here after years of absence. Other houses have been built, even a cafe / restaurant but always respecting nature. I stop for a moment in front of the restaurant. A beautiful girl, only in a T-shirt and shorts, despite the 9 degrees and the drizzle, sets the tables on the terrace. She turns to me: “Shall I make you some coffee?” “I have no money with me,” I reply “It doesn’t matter, come inside” Veronika, 18, very sweet with a beautiful smile, reminds me of my daughter Stephy. I miss her so much.. We chat for a while, I drink my coffee and then I pedal home through the enchanted forest where silence seems to me like a wonderful melody. Sometimes it is difficult to name the sensations you feel .. I would love to convey the emotions that are unleashed inside me but I can’t find the words. How do you explain certain emotions you feel that come from the bottom of your heart, make you shiver, make you cry or laugh? Savor things, especially small and simple things .. we have forgotten how to do it, but Nature always reminds us of it with its immense beauty and perfection ..

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